About Goldstein & Associates

Goldstein & Associates is an actuarial consulting firm providing actuarial and consulting services for public pension funds.  We are also extensively involved in providing actuarial services and expert testimony for attorneys in the matrimonial law area.

Goldstein & Associates was founded in 1980 by Sandor Goldstein to provide sound, impartial advice on all areas of public pension plans, with particular emphasis on funding and design aspects.  The firm has experienced steady growth since its establishment in 1980.  Having started with a base of 1 client, we currently serve as actuaries for a number of major public pension funds as well as numerous smaller public pension funds.  Our public pension fund clients range in size from 17 members to over 50,000 members.

Coffee and CalculatorActuarial consulting is a very personal type of work.  In the larger consulting firms, there is a tendency for the consulting function to be less personalized.  We believe that public pension funds can be more effectively served by an actuarial consulting firm where all the staff members are actually involved in performing the work and the person that a client talks to will be the one carrying out the assignment.

We believe that the public pension fund clients should be involved in the actuarial process.  In particular, they should participate to some extent in the selection of actuarial assumptions and funding method to be used in a valuation and should not leave this task exclusively to the actuary.  The employer or board of trustees of a pension fund is more familiar with the organization's financial and personnel policies than the actuary.  Thus, under this approach, the assumptions and funding method selected are more likely to fit the organization's particular situation.